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We are parents and educators who are dedicated to keeping our families and our communities safe now and in the future.

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/the friendly shIElds story

As we transition to a new normal our children’s health and mental health should be at the forefront of everything that we do. As the CDC continues to make recommendations for students to return to school, as a principal and a mother, I could not imagine my teachers wearing masks all day trying to teach. Students trying to learn and communicate without being uncomfortable and distracted. My daughter's first experience of school should be filled with smiles and happy faces from her teachers and friends and not masks.

Schools and other spaces designed for kids need to feel welcoming and safe to ensure students are able to develop and grow academically, socially, and emotionally. PPE gear will help protect our students but it should also not inhibit the environment from being welcoming.  Face Shields are an additional option for PPE gear and our goal is to make them friendly. We believe that PPE shouldn't hide your personality.

The toppers are interchangeable, dry-erasable and interchangeable. Our face shield is anti-fog. The toppers can be attached to an elastic band face shield. One of my favorite things about them is that they are dry-erasable, which is perfect for name tags, bus numbers, and class numbers for our little ones. I am a mom and an elementary administrator, I cannot imagine kids not seeing a smile during school and instructional time.

/the friendly shields mission

Friendly Shields was created from a collaboration of parents and educators that want to keep students safe without jeopardizing the personal connection that can be made through a smile.  Our mission is to create face shields that not only provide a level of protection but that children and adults will love because they can be personalized to fit their personality,  school mascot, or even to send a message of hope. Our goal is to stay safe with a smile.


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/Interview with Friendly shields founder

Carla Hudson is school administrator, mother, and founder of Friendly Shields. In this interview, she explains how she came up with the idea, how her own children inspired her, and how Friendly Shields fits into this “new normal.”

"Friendly Shields are comfy and I can see my friends faces."


"As a social worker, I love these shields because it does not inhibit seeing facial cues and the variety of toppers allow students' personalities to really come out."


Licensed Social Worker

"I love that I can write on them."




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